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Sink Your Teeth into This: Tempting Eden by Wendy Brandes July 21, 2008

Recently I stumbled across Wendy Brandes online.

While she has several collections including It-Girls, Vivat Regina and a men’s line; Eden is my favorite.

This set is perfect for summer, taking inspiration from Mother Nature thus featuring flowers, fruits, and leaves. There are smooth curves, shining stones, melded with gleaming intricacies which call to the true spirit of the living beauty around us.


My darling Eve you will shell out some serious green for these fanciful designs and I don’t mean a few tender fig leaves. These necklaces retail at 1,050.00 pieces and 2,025.00 respectively, but others are upwards of 6,000.00. ( The ring prices were unlisted.)

The ring with the white Prehnite is a little different than most of the Eden pieces but I love it’s rough dull look. It belongs to a woodland faerie!

So visit Wendy Brandes and check out some really unique, feminine designs!

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5 Responses to “Sink Your Teeth into This: Tempting Eden by Wendy Brandes”

  1. WendyB Says:

    Thanks for the mention! The Butterfly price isn’t given because those are always (very high-end) custom orders. You get to choose the metal and gems you want to use, so the price depends on the materials selected. The prehnite ring is sold but I’m about to put up the same style in white gold and chalcedony. Stay tuned!

  2. phreaked Says:

    Of course, you deserve the LOVE!

    I figured ring prices were unlisted b/c it might have something to do with materials used, so thanks for clarifying.

    I will def be stopping into the site again soon and I urge everyone else to too!

  3. Electri-City Says:

    Very nice. I love the ring and the turtle pendant. It’s simplistic and feminine. Me likey~

  4. Ann Says:

    I really like your blog friend. I like how you write and express through your post… ;)

    • phreaked Says:

      Thank you!

      I’m not currently residing in Philadelphia anymore hence why this blog has fallen to the wayside a bit.

      What do you think of a style/fashion blog? Maybe I should start anew with that?

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