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Rags to Riches in the Italian Market July 28, 2008

So two weeks ago I told you to check out Craftadelphia, where local Etsy designers sell in person.

I went, abeit I didn’t get there until around 3, so perhaps some of the artists had already taken off… Not a smart thing to do if you want to make money off your wares!!

Then again, I heard two young ladies behind the counter at the Mew Gallery saying that “word hadn’t really gotten out about today”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was a little underwhelmed.

Not that the Mew Gallery isn’t fantastic, because it is, but a lot the items were just CUTE. Not necessarily out of this world original, or “couldn’t live without.”

THEN just as I leave, walking out to the corner of 9th and Christian and going left to Isgro Pasticceria (Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cookies were calling my name) I see something flutter out of the corner of my eye!! There to my right is a vintage suitcase full of silk scarves.

Now I am just nuts for silk scarves, I love how they can accessorize any outfit easily and I’m a big fan of tying one around your head simply this summer for an eclectic yet sophisticated look.

How to wear it: I had my hair pinned half back and kept the scarf as a sort of band that was knotted above the rest of my hair hanging down… not underneath. I also decided to drama with lots of black eye liner and contrasting orange melon earrings. This was one of my buys, a gunmetal grey with red designs. On the outter edges however, it is punctuated with red stripes.

The deal was two for $5 (or one for $3) so I also selected a peach scarf with lavender, chocolate and cream stripes. Perfect for that summer capri look.

As I wandered off the sidewalk and into the store with my finds in hand, I realized the fun didn’t stop there!! Along with vintage housewares there was a massive table spread with all sorts of 60’s and 70’s costume jewelry! Rhinestone leaf bracelets, silver and peal link necklaces, and even semi-precious rings. I don’t think I saw anything over $30 but most items were in the $6-$17 range.

The sellers were SO South Philly it was endearing.
I think they are just prowling the streets waiting for the old ladies in S. Phil to croak- moving in to nab up all their great jewelery, bags, and hats.

I also found a beautiful lavender rhinestone ring. Massive. Probably a half an inch in diameter. Surrounded by white diamond-like rhinestones and set in a faux gold. It was the perfect flashy bobble so I scooped it up for $6. I also absolutely fell in love with a thick gold chain necklace. I actually thought there were two pieces laying there together, only come to find out it was double tiered. At the bottom of each chain hung a large white stone pendant. It’s an absolutely original piece. I would guess circa late 60’s, kind of a eclectic yet sophisticated feel. You know, the feeling Urban Outfitters tries to go for but just mass produces. Suckers!

My necklace was only $7!
I’ve been wearing it everywhere and getting SO MANY compliments.

So enough about my finds! You need your fashion fix as well right?!

Rags to Riches
823 S. 9th Street (North of Christian)
Philadelphia, PA

The man I spoke to gave me the impression that either he is only in the store on the weekends selling these lovely vintage finds… or perhaps they’re only open 10-5 Friday Saturday Sunday. I couldn’t really understand that gruffy “Yous Guys” voice. I just know those are the hours he gave me when I admitted I had to leave immediately before I bought everything.

You can do it for me instead.

Go Go Go Go!!!

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One Response to “Rags to Riches in the Italian Market”

  1. Electri-City Says:

    You are quite the finder of great finds, now aren’t you? I love the earrings and the price range sounds about right. I love the scarf, it screams hip chic.
    Go, girl~

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