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Scrapple TV: Philly Rendered July 29, 2008

A very good friend of mine Ms. Brittany Lynn has a message for all of you…

A far departure from the shitty horoscopes you read on MSN, right?

Her other videos are here and here. The over the top Spanish accent is an imitation of one of my old bosses. And yes he really does talk like that… “Jou Neeeed to stop bein’ hhhhhall drama gurl”

See more of Brittany HERE

These videos are just a smaller part of a Philadelphia internet phenom. If your unaware of ScrappleTV and Woodshop Productions you really need to check it out. Some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Like Breakfast at Salimay’s which turned me on to Santogold. (Note to Philebrity: Do you even care about your phucking sham of a blog?? At least Google shit before you post it– trying to pass off Santogold’s L.E.S. Artistes as some Noontime Nuggetz discovery when it’s been out since March. Y’all just piss me the phuck off with your ranting and raving. Philebrity gives the connotation of a glittering, shiny Philadelphia… but in actuality you just remind me of a bitchy geriatric on a bed pan. That’s right, your blog is piss. As in, rarely entertains me, just in case you missed the point.)

But anyways darlings, I digress, back to Salimay’s

Aww Joe you always make me smile! Especially with your historical analysis of modern music, I bet you were quite the swing daddy back in the day. Oh, and Anne, you’re a bitch, but keep it up!! Pherocious.

Lastly, Ultra Niche is a show on innovative technology hosted by another cross-dressing acquittance of mine: WANG NEWTON.

This episode covers circuit bending and how innovative types can take old children’s toys like a Simon Says and make it into a musical instrument. Hawwt!


Damn inserting all this link luv has me a lil tired.

Till Next Time, PHREAKED


One Response to “Scrapple TV: Philly Rendered”

  1. Electri-City Says:

    I loooove Death Cab and SantoGold~
    Joe made good points about th emotion of music. These three are hilarious~

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